Research Projects

Some examples of posters, reports and other outputs from recently sponsored projects


Off-grid desalination for irrigation in the Jordan Valley
              (University of Birmingham)                      Paper

Leaf-specific weed control on vegetable crops 
(Reading University)                                               

Effect of conservation tillage systems on the creation of optimum seed bed conditions for oilseed rape in UK  
(Cranfield University)                                              Poster
                                                                                  CIGR paper

Using image analysis to monitor cow and calf health
 (University of Nottingham)                                   Poster             

Field Trip to Colombia- identifying anomalies  within crop plots using satellite imagery 
(Aberystwyth University) 
                                                                                 Poster (in Spanish but nice graphics!)     

Virtual Fencing- Testing the response of sheep on various audio signals  
(Liverpool John Moores University)   

Technologies for recycling waste agricultural biomass   
(University of York)