Previously funded projects

  • Soil pressures from agricultural tyres
  • The susceptibility of soils to compaction and their subsequent recovery
  • Development of traceability systems for agrochemical inputs
  • The tractive performance of agricultural tractors
  • The durability of agricultural waste pellets during storage handling for fuel
  • New techniques for the evaluation and management of soil compaction
  • The control of agricultural tractors to maximise cultivation efficiency
  • Intelligent thinning for salad and vegetetable crops
  • Evaluation of low traffic cultivation systems
  • Development of a concept vehicle to demonstrate autonomous behaviour
  • Promoting the principles of controlled traffic farming
  • Evaluating the practical implications of producing and using biodiesel
  • Investigation and validation of tractor roll-over protective structure (ROPS) test criteria for larger agricultural tractors
  • Research and development of an automated ‘make up’ system for soft fruit and mushrooms
  • Development of a standardised method to assess the levels of whole-body vibration emissions from agricultural tractors

Travel Scholarships

  • Attend CIGR/AgEng 2012
  • Student group study tour of machinery manufacturers in Ireland
  • Attend International Symposium on Horticultural Crops
  • Support travel costs for MSc Project
  • Attend Eurosoils 2012
  • Student group study visits

Other Awards

  • Support for completion of PhD studies
  • Support towards free membership of IAgrE for over 1500 students and recently qualified graduates