The objective of the Trust is to advance knowledge, understanding, practice, and competence in the application of engineering and technology to achieve sustainable agricultural, food and biological systems for the benefit of the environment and mankind.

To be eligible, individuals must:Eligibility

  • Demonstrate commitment to the objectives to the Trust
  • Demonstrate that all appropriate sources of funding are being pursued
  • Indicate the benefits or outcomes that Trust funding will achieve both personally, and towards the overall objectives of the Trust
  • Demonstrate the ability and intention to achieve those outcomes
  • Have some connection with the United Kingdom through nationality, residency, or place of learning/registration.

If the application is on behalf of an organisation, it must either have charitable status or the funding must be for charitable purposes.

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InformationImportant message

  • ¬†Only those proposals that comply directly with the Trust's objectives will be considered or acknowledged.
  • The Trust supports the AgriFood Charities Partnership- www.afcp.org.uk lists other charities supporting students within the agricultural sector which may be more relevant to your area of interest.